1 Mei 2012


Listening the music, particularly classics, can help you to live longer according to researcher, Mr. Fadhlan.. He believes that music lovers suffer less from stress and high blood presure than people who do not enjoy music. As a part of three-year study he brought groups of people together to listen to music. He found that their blood pressure was much lower when they were listening to classical music than when they were left to talk to each other.
Mr. Fadhlan, a researcher at the nusic college of Lowa University, does not enjoy classical music himself. But he said yesterday : “ I am seriously thinking  of appreciating classical more, “
They were listening to classical music
a.       bentuk : Subyek + was/were + ing form
Contoh  He  was working
                They rere working
                They were listening to classic music
b.      Penggunaan Past Continuous Tense.
-Untuk suatu kejadian yang berlangsungnya bertahap.
Contoh : It was getting darker.
               The wind was rising.
-          Untuk suatu perbuatan yang sudah dimulai di masa lampau.dan masih akan dilanjutkan setelah itu.
-          Contoh : At 8.00 he was having breakfast (berarti bahwa untuk            melakukan makan pagi memerlukan periode waktu,)
-          Bila terdapat bagian kalimat dalam bentuk past tense . tapi dengan syarat Past continuous tense tersebut untuk kejadian yang berlangsungnya lebih lama..
-          Contoh : When I arrived, Tom was talking on the telephon.
-          Digunakan dalam diskripsi suatu karangan. Tetapi apabila karangan tersebut dalam bentuk narasi, dengan waktu, maka Past aaaaaaatense harus diguanakan.
-          Contoh : A girl was playing the piano  and (was) singing softly to herself.
-          Digunakan dalam percakapan tak langsung dalam bentuk ampau.
Contoh : He says : “I am living in London (direct speech)
                He said that he was living in London (indirect speech)
-Digunakan untuk kebiasaan di masa lampau yang menjengkelkan atau membuat kacau. . biasanya menggunakan “always”
  Contoh ; He was always ringing me up
                  -Digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu peristiwa atau perbuatan yang terjadinya secara kebetulan ,
   Contoh;                    I was talking to Tom the other day.
.-Digunakan untuk menghaluskan suatu pertanyaan.
Contoh: What were you doing before you come here?
               Home Work :
Write down an Indonesian song and translate it into English or from English song to Indonesian.
I think you already know
A mouth is not a mud in mother.
Nor both in bother or in brother.
And here is not a match for there
Nor dear and fear for bear .
And there is a rose and lose.
Just look them up –and goose  and choose,
And fork and work and card  and car
And from and front and word and sword
Come ,come , I have hardly made a start
A strange language
Man  alive
I had mastered it when I was five.

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